We study how cells sense and respond to their environment by regulating mRNA translation.

Recent News

June 24: Our collaboration with the Kranzusch lab on bacterial antiphage systems is published at Cell Host & Microbe.

Sep 7: Our paper revealing a role of eIF3d in chronic ER stress and the persistent integrated stress response is published at Molecular Cell! Read it here: eIF3d controls the persistent integrated stress response.

Apr 18: Congrats to Jasmine for being named a NSF GRFP fellow, a Ford Foundation fellow, and an honorary Landry Fellow!

Dec 1: Congrats to Shaoni for being named a Helen Gurley Brown Fellow!

Oct 4: Congrats to Fatima for being awarded a AACR-Mirati Cancer Chemical Biology postdoc fellowship!

Oct 1: Congrats to Max for being awarded a Branco Weiss postdoc fellowship!

Mar 28: Our paper revealing a new function for the eIF5A2 protein in regulating an intrinsic antiviral gene expression program is published at JMB! Read it here: Eukaryotic initiation factor 5A2 regulates expression of antiviral genes.

Join us!

We are seeking motivated and creative scientists to join our team.

Post-doctoral fellows: Recent Ph.D. graduates with a strong record of publication and training in molecular/cell biology or biochemistry can send a C.V. and cover letter detailing future research interests to amysy_lee [at] dfci.harvard.edu.

Graduate students can join the lab through the BBS and Virology graduate programs at Harvard. Email for information on rotation projects.

Undergraduates: Email with a C.V. and cover letter including research interests.

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